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Why I Want to Be a Teacher

Schools have often sought to help students develop a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. Gardner’s Theory pf Multiple Intelligences provides a theoretical foundation for recognizing the different abilities and talents of students. This theory acknowledges that while all students may not be verbally or mathematically gifted, children may have an expertise in other areas, such as music, spatial relations, or interpersonal knowledge. Approaching and assessing learning in this manner allows a wider range of students to successfully participate in classroom learning.

I have wanted to teach for as long as I can remember seriously thinking about what career I wanted to pursue. Children are my passion in life and I want nothing more than to educate and positively influence each child I encounter.  But, what is the purpose of education to me?  First, education is encouraging a child to reach his or her highest potential. Inspiring children to learn, while at the same time to have fun doing it, is the greatest gift you can give them. I am the successful student I am today because I was encouraged as a child by my teachers and that encouragement is still with me to this day.  I believe each child should have the same resources and guidance to receive the best education they can possibly have. Unrealistic as it may seem to give each and every child the same opportunities, I believe it is possible with the help of strong and encouraging teachers.  The purpose of schooling is to guide students, to help them socialize, teach each other and be taught by their peers and educators. 

Additionally, I also want to teach to morally influence children and guide them to be effective citizens. Education is an important social agent in a child’s life in addition to their peers and families. Schooling gives children hope to live their lives positively. The purpose of having schools is to give each and every child the opportunity to learn and obtain jobs in order to live happy and secure lives.  Without school, children would be left unguided and uncertain of what the future may hold for them.  Schooling is one of the most important ways for a child to grow both mentally and emotionally. 

Above all, I think teaching respect, understanding, and compassion for other people are the most important things you can teach at school.  Once children have gained true understanding of these three things can they go on to be strong students in any subject, as well as be mentally prepared for real life situations out of school. I believe that as a teacher it is important to advocate freethinking and independence.  I hope that all my students are unique with their ideas and views on life, learning, and education.

             I learn best by social interaction and I think my students will positively benefit from this as well.  As children, my students need to have hands on experiences in order to learn.  I learn best by doing, touching and being involved in what I am learning. Therefore, my student will have the same opportunities I had growing up as a child.  I also learn best by one on one interaction.  I hope to give each of my student’s individual attention to guide them through their educational experience.

Accepting Gardner’s theory on Multiple Intelligences has several implications for teachers in terms of classroom instructions. The theory states that all seven intelligences are needed to productively function in society. I, as an educator should recognize these intelligences and teach to a broader range of talents and skills. Teachers should teach by using a wide assortment of intelligence, teaching in this manner can facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject materials.

            I do not have any one type of child or intelligence I would like to teach.  I want to teach children from every background, educational level, and mental/physical ability.  I want to teach to children who want to learn and who are willing to be taught as well as teach me to be a more effective teacher.  I hope to teach children the basic skills of being a respectful human and student.  I also hope to motive them to gain the confidence to do whatever they want to do or be in their life.  I will strive to educate these children to be motivated to learn and to look up to me as their friend and teacher.  Above all, I hope to give each child I teach the encouragement he or she needs to feel like an important and valuable human being.

            Through my many years of schooling, I feel that it is now my duty to reciprocate the love and passion of education that was passed down to me by my teachers. Every single teacher I have ever had has taught me valuable lessons that I would like to pass down to my students. My better teachers have passed down methods of learning that has made education an exciting experience, and have succeeded as teachers for their love of the subject. My worse teachers have also taught me valuable lessons as I have looked to them as examples of what not to do as a teacher.

            I know that I cannot make all of my students love me and agree with me all of the time, my goal is to make an impact on every student’s life in one way or another. To have the ability to enrich at least one person’s life is the greatest gift I can give.

My Wonderful Class
McNeal Elementary

What a job!

To have the opportunity to touch the lives of these special children that are in my classroom is such a blessing!  I would not trade anything in the world for this opportunity!

Ykira shows off her birthday hat.

Josyln poses for a quick snap shot.

Working to identify numbers.

All things are possible,Just believe